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With Capester, you can.

Film a handicapped parking violation and Capester will donate
to Access Israel non-profit organization
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What is Capester?

With Capester you can report everyday wrongdoings by filming and submitting legally admissible videos. You don't need to talk to anyone. You don't need to appear in court. You remain anonymous. Just submit.

Join the other Capesters in making your communities safer and fairer.

How does it work?


Anonymously film a violation using the Capester app

No registration needed.
No identifying information about you is collected.


The Capester system authenticates the video and sends it to the relevant authority


Authorities review submissions and determine whether to issue a ticket to the vehicle owner by mail

Which violations can be reported with Capester?

Handicapped Parking

Blocking Pedestrian Crossings

Blocking and Parking on Sidewalks

Blocking Traffic lanes. Double Parking

And that's just the beginning.

Why Capester?

Video footage of violations submitted through Capester are usable as authentic evidence in court without need for testimony by the submitter. Capester videos keep the submitter safe and anonymous while allowing the city to take the appropriate steps. Devised by lawyers and digital security experts, Capester crowdsources care to create better communities.

Until now, when someone filmed a violation they needed to testify in court for the video to be admissible evidence. This was a major deterrent for people to get involved.

High quality video
GPS measurement
Encrypted, Signed and tamper-proof
Time stamp
Stored on a secure server

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In your city

Capester wants to help make cities and communities safer and fairer.
In 2015, Capester began operating in several Israeli municipalities.
Each month, additional municipalities partner-up with Capester.

We need you to join us! With your help and submissions we can have more cities around the world come on board Capester.

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